Pork & Spring Onion Dumplings

There is no denying our Pork Dumplings. Delicious as a quick snack or meal for the family.

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Delectable and juicy, our Chicken Dumplings are super convenient and easy to cook.

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Savour our Soup Dumplings, filled with succulent Australian pork and a delicious, rich, soupy broth.

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Welcome to Heavenly Banquet

Made from OVER 96% Australian Ingredients

Known as dim sums by the Cantonese, the name means “to lightly touch your heart.” You’ll understand why when you taste these heavenly morsels in every serving of Heavenly Banquet.

We prepare our Heavenly Banquet Dumplings, guided by the traditions of master chefs over the centuries before us. We select local produce where possible and caringly blend these ingredients and add just the right touch of spice to evoke the lands of the Orient.

Bite into our aromatic Chicken & Ginger Dumplings. Relish the zest of our Pork & Spring Onion Dumplings. Savour Soup Dumplings with their delicious, rich, soupy broth. Try to slowly enjoy the pleasure each mouthful brings, as the flavours carry you away.

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